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East-West Road - From 33 at Pace Road, Polk County Parkway

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: FDOT - District 1
  • Location: Lakeland
  • Contract Amount: $21,118,971.00
  • Details: Design-Build of a new four-lane suburban roadway. The project has six miles of roadway including two million yards of earthwork, 40,000 LF of storm sewers and 300,000 SY of base and paving; 200,000 CY of surcharges and 125,000 SY of GeoTextile soil reinforcement.

Narcoossee Road (Boggy Creek to 417)

  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Lake Nona Boggy Creek, LLC
  • Location: Orlando
  • Contract Amount: $18,095,199
  • Details: 3.82 miles of six-lane divided urban reconstruction and included clearing, subsoil excavation, grading, stabilization, base, milling, retaining walls, box culverts, drainage, riprap, underground utilities.

John Young Parkway/Osceola Parkway

  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Osceola County
  • Location: Kissimmee
  • Contract Amount: $22,285,700
  • Details: The project consists of widening John Young Parkway two miles, from four to six lanes, including the flyover bridge at Osceola Parkway. Project included widening ½ mile of Osceola Parkway. The utility improvements for this project included the construction of a 16-inch reclaimed water main and 12-inch water main.

Alafaya Trail

  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Orange County
  • Location: Orlando
  • Contract Amount: $30,811,132.00
  • Details: Four miles of four-lane divided urban reconstruction of Alafaya Trail from Avalon Park Blvd. to Mark Twain Blvd. that included clearing, subsoil excavation, demolition, excavation, embankment, grading, stabilization, base, milling, gravity walls, drainage, paving, signage, signalization and utilities.

Poinciana Parkway

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Osceola County Expressway Authority (Jr Davis Const-UIG Poin
  • Location: Kissimmee-Poinciana
  • Contract Amount: $68,788,000.00
  • Details: Design Build; 9.66 miles Roadway with tolled bridge and related roadway components; partially over wetland areas from Cypress Parkway to 17-92

Buena Vista Drive Widening

  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Reedy Creek Improvement District
  • Location: LAKE BUENA VISTA
  • Contract Amount: $41,310,070.00
  • Details: The Scope of the Project includes the reconstruction and widening of Buena Vista Drive from Hotel Plaza Boulevard to Bonnet Creek Road. The reconstruction will provide dedicated concrete bus lanes from Bonnet Creek to Intersection 2 and other privately owned vehicle lane improvements. In addition, the reconstruction of the road will require: (i) the reconstruction of the bridge over the L101 Canal; (ii) the reconstruction of the storm drain systems; (iii) the relocation and realignment of many of the utility systems; (iv) the reconstruction of traffic signal systems at six intersections; (v) the reconstruction of the roadway lighting systems; (vi) the reconstruction of the roadway signage and graphics; and (vii) the redevelopment of the landscape and irrigation systems.


  • Year: 2015
  • Client:
  • Location: ST. CLOUD
  • Contract Amount:
  • Details: Widening US 192 from Eastern Ave. to Nova Road from four to six lanes, includes drainage improvements, signing and pavement markings, milling and resurfacing and shoulder pavement.


  • Year: 2015-2018
  • Client: FDOT
  • Location: SAINT CLOUD
  • Contract Amount: $37,673,821.00
  • Details: DESCRIPTION: The improvements consist of widening from rural 4 lane to high speed urban 6 lane with 2 bridges including 5’ sidewalks on north and south sides of the roadway along SR 500 (US 192).

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